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You can simply contact us through our number +92 21 32446744 & 47 or our website or you can also visit us personally. Our Staff will guide you through the process.

We provide a complete package including first hand market information and fast execution and settlement of transactions.

Oriental Securities (Pvt.) Ltd. ranks amongst the leading brokerage houses in the industry. It has been in the market for over 25 years and has created goodwill for itself.

Any individual/corporate Investor willing to take exposure in the capital market and wants to get first hand knowledge of Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Minimum requirement to open a account is PKR 25,000.

Once an account is opened and entitlement is obtained, orders may also be placed over the telephone with the employee of the house assigned for your service.

Orders will not be processed until your account has the necessary funds available to cover the order.

Settlement policy in stock transactions is Trade Date +2 business days. For derivative products settlement takes place at the end of the contract.

In case of IBTS System Failure, due to any reason, investors can always call our house to place, cancel, or inquire about their pending orders. Our Staff can perform this on your behalf as per your instructions. Investor can call us on +92 21 32446744 & 47 to avail Order Placement / Cancellation / Change in order facility.

Customers may view their order status directly by logging on to their online trading accounts or we have this practice to send them the order confirmation email containing details about their executed transactions, at the day end.

call alerts can be simply explained as a message sent to the client when his session holdings or exposure exceeds his actual cash (Not Trading Limit) by a margin of 30%.

This generally happens when a client using a margin account, utilizes almost his entire trading limit and the value of the scrips held are declining in price per share. As the price declines, it reflects negatively on the actual cash holding (Not Trading Limit). Scrips are organized in nature by classes under margin values (Class A to E that varies from 20% Margin to 100% No Margin). These can be found under 'Portfolio' in the client account.

When the price of a share falls, according to the percentage amount of margin associated to it, deductions are made from the actual cash limit. When the actual cash is reduced by 30%, margin call alerts are sent to clients to either sell off their exposure or a portion of the exposure in order to square off their position.

Your orders placed through Internet via KiTs TradeCast - Mobile / Desktop Application are received at our server and sent immediately to the PSX for further processing.

If accepted, the order is queued for execution and upon matching the rates of corresponding buyer/seller (as the case may be) successfully, it gets executed.

Although transaction is done on real time basis but the delivery of the securities is received in your CDC Sub Account on the 2nd working day after the transaction has been executed (in case of buying) and vise versa in selling.

All the risks related to the securities trading have been stated / explained in the Risk Disclosure Document (approved by SECP) provided to you.

In case, you are unable to place/cancel your orders via internet, you may still place your orders via our Tel Nos. +92 21 32446744 & 47.

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