Mobile Phone Number has to be in Your Name

Please use following method to confirm that the Cell Number is in your name.

  1. Compose a Text message (SMS) with letters – “MNP”

  2. Send the above SMS to “667”

  3. PMD a Govt. dept. would reply with particulars of the owner of the SIM in a few minutes (Important: To avoid penalty, please give only that cell No. which is in your name)

Bank Account in Your Name

Preferably the bank account should be in your own name as an “individual” bank account. In case of Joint Bank Account, your name should appear in the title of account as the main / principal account holder.

Functional Email

If you do not have an existing functional Email, please create one for the purpose before proceeding with opening of brokerage account.

Initial Deposit of Funds for Brokerage Account Opening

Please deposit a minimum of Rs 5000/- through Cross Cheque in favor of “Oriental Securities (Pvt) Ltd. Client A/c” in any one of the designated accounts. Please make sure you do not deposit cash. Click here to see the Bank Account.

NOTE: Please take a picture of the Deposit Slip and intimate it to us via Whatsapp at +923008204910 or Email at


Before proceeding with Online Account Opening, please make following documents and details ready with you.

  1. Copy of CNIC (Front and Back)

  2. Copy of Bank Cheque

  3. Nominee CNIC

    • Appointment of Nominee is mandatory. Nominee is the one who is entitled to receive the shares & the money in the event of death. Only one of the following relatives may be appointed as nominee: Relatives include Spouse, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter

  4. Zakat Declaration Form (CZ-50) on Rs 50 Stamp Paper

  5. Declaration of Ultimate Beneficial Owner

  6. Bank Statement of last 3 months

  7. Utility Bills of Mailing & Residential Addresses

    • If the addresses intended to be used for Account are the same as given in CNIC, then Copies of Utility Bills may not be required.

  8. Latest Tax Return & Wealth Statement (in case of Non-Filer: Proof of Funds)

  9. Source of Income / Occupation

    • Please provide the mentioned documents occording to your occupation.

    • Salried Person
      • Payslip / Salary Slip OR Letter from Employer

      • Visiting Card (optional)

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