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Board Of Directors:

1. Basharat Ullah Khan Chief Executive
2. Asad Ullah Khan Director
3. Naveed Ullah Khan Director

Profile of Board Of Directors

OSL has a team of experienced professionals in the field of its activity and is headed by Mr. Basharat Ullah Khan a retired civil servant with a sound base of Law & Finance. He has experience of twenty years, of evaluating financial statements of most Quoted Companies. Mr. Asad Ullah Khan, the other director is a bachelor of Commerce with 15 years experience of managing Brokerage Houses in the field of securities & commodities. The company is committed to provide excellent and personalized professional service to its existing and future clients.

Details of Sponsors along with shareholding pattern of the Company

Paid up capital is owned by Mr. Basharat Ullah Khan (52%), Mr. Asad Ullah Khan (24%) & Mr. Naveed Ullah Khan (24%). The Board of Directors comprises of two directors namely Mr. Asad Ullah Khan as Director & Mr. Naveed Ullah Khan as Director.

Details of Audit Committee

1. Basharat Ullah Khan Chief Executive
2. Rizwan Aziz Compliance Officer / Internal Auditor